International System for Human Cytogenomic Nomenclature (ISCN)

The ISCN recommendations (International System for Human Cytogenomic Nomenclature) cover the description of numerical and structural chromosomal changes detected using microscopic and cytogenetic techniques. The recommendations are prepared by the International Standing Committee on Human Cytogenomic Nomenclature and published in collaboration with the journal Cytogenetic and Genome Research (since 1963). The committee includes three members from the Americas, three from Europe, one from Asia, and one from Africa/Oceania. Members are elected for a 5 year period, unless developments demand earlier changes. The organization of the submission of nominations, ballots for voting and election of members is the responsibility of the existing Editor and Committee chair.

The latest recommendations, ISCN 2020, were finalized by the committee and its advisors in 2019 and are available as book from Karger Publishers (Eds. Jean McGowan-Jordan, Ros Hastings & Sarah Moore).

Questions/suggestions regarding the ISCN recommendations should be addressed to the current chair of the ISCN committee: Ros Hastings (Oxford, UK): Ros.Hastings @

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